A basketball. A basketball in the hands of a child is magic. 

A basketball is recreation. It’s a reason to get together with some friends to play, laugh and talk some trash. A basketball is fitness. It’s a reason to run around, pump those arms and get the heart going. A basketball is hope – striving to improve your game, pushing yourself harder than you thought possible and dreaming of a life bigger than your circumstances. 

At Unofish, a basketball is a birth right. 

Every child that needs a basketball should have a basketball. 

Every time someone purchases an Unofish product, we work with after school programs and community organizations to give a ball to a child who needs one. 

That’s the Unofish 3X Program: The customer gets a product of unparalleled quality, a kid in the community gets a free, premium composite basketball and Unofish gets to continue our mission.

For you. For me. For our community.

JAHVID BEST, Unofish 3X Program Ambassador

JAHVID BEST, Unofish 3X Program Ambassador